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Twitter February 2011

Canny complain… Motherwell 2:0 deviants, Scotland 18:21 Ireland, Rangers 4:0 St Johnstone…. great stuff.
27 Feb

Squeak, Scotland 18:21 Ireland, poor discipline nearly cost Ireland the game #sixnations
27 Feb

Ireland’s rugby anthem is pish, still better than that rebel nonsense they made Ulster’s finest endure all those long, dark years.
27 Feb

Motherwell 2:0 deviants, up to Rangers to hump St Johnstone now and keep the fading title push Read more

Twitter January 2011

Golaccio! Loved that Southampton goal, great stuff.
29 Jan

Music library is now sitting at 80GB+ mostly FLACs and loads of CDs left to rip and store.
29 Jan

@Wee_Piglet @saucycow Pussy, get your white ass out there mofo or I’ll put a cap in your ass!
29 Jan

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Twitter December 2010

Oh I quite literally loved that penalty save Spurs 1:1 Chelsea, Drogba sees Penalty saved.
12 Dec

Can we have Charlie Gilmour charged for “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” too? That album stank, so did “The Division Bell” hang him I say!
12 Dec

“The Cambridge University student (studying History) said he did not realise it was the Cenotaph.” :-) , Roger should write a song #Gilmour
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Twitter November 2010

Cheap to buy, cheap to run – I’ll be doing high mileage – 4WD vehicle, do they exist? Suzuki SX4… Fiat Sedici… Fiat Panda- Any ideas?
30 Nov

Second day working from home, major roads OK if you can get to them. Seriously thinking of getting a “cheap” 4WD.
30 Nov

Lets not hear “World Class” in connection with any English player in the EPL ever again, Barca 5:0 Real Madrid, fabulous!
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Twitter October 2010

Nationwide savings website doesn’t support Chrome, that’s a big red X in the box for them then. Goodbye.
31 Oct

Looking for a new savings account as one of mine is paying 0.5% gross and the other is near the maximum guaranteed by Government FSCS.
31 Oct

Support Remembrance Day Poppy, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! – http://bit.ly/11ctu4
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New York (Trip Planning)

Back in May we decided, for our first proper holiday in 8 years, we’d go the whole hog and plan a trip to New York. Actually… that’s not how the trip came about :-) Read more

The Return

The rumours are true, the blog is back from the dead. Some said it would never be done, some said it couldn’t be done, some even said it shouldn’t be done… but here it is, in glorious WordPress widescreen technicolor all the original content (minus a few comments which got lost in a Blogger upgrade I think).

Take a moment to marvel at the achievement, ogle those Read more

Twitter September 2010

Sintel is out, get the torrent now http://www.sintel.org/
30 Sep
Waiting patiently for the online release of the film I helped fund… www.sintel.org/
30 Sep
Tony Curtis dies aged 85. His “Some Like it Hot” Cary Grant impression still cracks me up, The Great Race another of his classics.
30 Sep
On holiday! Oh yes, NY here we come.
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Twitter August 2010

Just seen the deviants were humped out of Europe….. bawahahahahahaha…. Utrecht 4:0 deviants, going to make it tight for the SPL though.
Thu Aug 26 2010 23:55:16 (GMT Daylight Time) via web
Rangers drawn against Manure, lordy!
Thu Aug 26 2010 17:46:31 (GMT Daylight Time) via HTC Peep Read more