Here you can see detailed posts relating to interesting projects I’ve completed or remain an ongoing work in progress. Feel free to add to the discussion or ask questions in the comment section of each project.

Fireplace Overhaul

Add voice control and RGB Led lighting to the living-room electric fire using ESP8266, Neopixels and LightwaveRF technology. The end result is heat that can be turned on/off using Alexa Voice commands and LED lighting moods controllable from phone/tablet.

Hi-Fi Remote Control via Wi-Fi

Add Android phone/tablet wi-fi remote control to an infrared controlled Hi-Fi amplifier using Raspberry Pi hardware and Blynk software.

Motion Activated Stair Lighting

RGB LED accent stair lighting activated by motion sensors utilising an ESP8266 controller, Neopixel LEDs and the arduino IDE.

Mod the Little Dot 1+ Tube Headphone Amplifier

How to improve the sound and looks of my favourite headphone amplifier taking its performance way above its bargain price tag. I love my Little Dot 1+.